Complete Guide to Managing the Unfavorable Outcomes of Vaser Lipo

Complete Guide to Managing the Unfavorable Outcomes of Vaser Lipo

March 3, 2021 by dubailipo0

Vaser liposuction, also termed as LipoSelection, is an alternative to traditional liposuction. Vaser lipo is a complex procedure of removing fatty acids from beneath the skin. Most people undergo vaser liposuction in Dubai so that they can achieve their desired body shape. Unlike traditional liposuction, vaser lipo utilizes ultrasound technology to break down fat cells.  

Most people who are looking for liposuction services in Dubai style=”font-weight: 400;”> are generally healthy but they may want to lose some weight. However, you shouldn’t consider vaser lipo as an alternative weight loss method. You may tend to lose more weight through exercising and dieting. 

You can opt for vaser lipo in Dubai if you have plenty of fat in certain specific body spots, but your weight is stable. Like any other medical procedure, you may experience several health complications after undergoing vaser liposuction.

Cost of Vaser Liposuction in Dubai

VASER Liposuction cost in Dubai varies, and it may range from AED 6,000 – AED 30,000.  


 Here is how you can manage these unfavorable outcomes; 


You may experience some swelling after undergoing vaser liposuction. Sometimes, this swelling may occur immediately after the procedure or within 10 – 14 days of the procedure. Some patients may feel discomfort and pain due to this swelling. 

However, you should expect the swelling to start reducing within 4 weeks after the procedure. After 3 months, your skin should appear normal. 

Some people may still experience swelling even after three months. Excessive trauma in your tissues may cause prolonged swelling.  

There are several procedures which your doctor can use to minimize this swelling. For instance, he or she can apply a unique compressive garment to your skin immediately after the vaser lipo. Also, your doctor can avoid suturing your incisions after the operation. 

Significant Blood Loss 

At least 2.5% of people who undergo vaser liposuction may experience significant blood loss after the operation. If you have this health complication, there are various simple steps which you can take to restore your blood volume. For instance, you can go for blood transfusion. Alternatively,  you can take supplements that can help your body to manufacture more blood. 


After the vaser lipo process, you may get some infections. However, this condition is very rare. The most common cause of these infections is bacteria invasion into your skin while undergoing the procedure. The best way to avoid getting these infections is to take some preventive antibiotics both before and after the operation. 

It is advisable to visit one of the best liposuction center in Dubai that observes basic surgical rules such as proper handwashing, perfect operating room conditions, gentle tissue handling, and good skin preparation.  

Diabetic patients who have undergone vaser liposuction are more prone to getting these infections than non-diabetic patients. Therefore, you should refrain from going through the vaser lipo process if you have diabetes. If you are a smoker, you should avoid smoking at least 14 days before the vaser lipo process. Again, you should not smoke seven days after the procedure.

If you happen to get these infections after the process, make sure you visit your doctor and explain to him or her your condition. Your cosmetic surgeon may prescribe you some antibiotics or may admit you for a particular period.


Sometimes, your surgeon may remove more than excess fat from your skin. As a result, you won’t get your desired body shape. Your cosmetic surgeon may notice this irregularity while you are still on the operating table. In such a case, he or she may correct the anomaly immediately by a process called liposhifting. 

The over-corrected area may manifest itself as a contour irregularity or depression after the surgery. In such situations, you should schedule for a revision surgery at least six months after the operation. 


As asserted by Consumer Health Digest, your surgeon may unintentionally leave behind excessive residual fat in some areas of the liposuctioned skin. You can go for corrective touch-up liposuction after six months from the primary vaser lipo process to correct this abnormality.

Skin Hyperpigmentation 

Various factors may cause skin hyperpigmentation after vaser liposuction. Some of these factors include sun exposure, frequent use of exogenous drugs, and too much pressure from compression garments.

Therefore, for you to prevent skin hyperpigmentation; you should check your compression garment regularly. Avoid unnecessary exposure to the sun and using exogenous drugs such as contraceptive pills. In case your skin is already hyperpigmented, you should visit your doctor who will prescribe for you a hydroquinone cream. You should apply this cream on the affected skin area.  

Fluid Accumulation 

Sometimes, too much fluid may collect in the liposuctioned area. This fluid accumulation may be caused by wrongful usage of the compression garment and excessive tissue trauma.

You can find out whether you have a serious accumulation within 5 – 7 days after the operation. The best method which your doctor can use to eliminate this condition is to drain the excess fluid out using a needle.


Bruising is a common side effect of vaser liposuction. Typically, the degree of bruising varies depending on the patient. Specialized cosmetic surgeons for Liposuction can use various methods to reduce or eliminate bruising. Some of these methods include using compression garments and prescribing you anti-inflammatory medications.  


Regardless of how skilled your cosmetic surgeon is; you may experience one or two of these health complications after the vaser lipo process. Therefore, you should go through this process with an open mind. 

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Complete Guide to Managing the Unfavorable Outcomes of Vaser Lipo - Best Liposuction in Dubai

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    Complete Guide to Managing the Unfavorable Outcomes of Vaser Lipo - Best Liposuction in Dubai

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