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Personal summary

Doctor Martain Pierre Jean Loonen is an experienced medical director,clinical manager and
plastic surgeon. He is a consultant in plastic surgery with extensive experience and interest in
plastic, reconstructive, cosmetic, hand and wrist surgery. He has an additional expertise in
post-bariatric surgery, hair restauration surgery, burn management and medical management.
He is an invited medical expert consultant regarding healthcare investment, health regulations
and governance for the Gerson Lehrman Group in New York.

He is a recognized fellow of the Collegium Chirurgicum Plasticum of the Board of Plastic
Surgeons of Belgium, and holds recognized membership of the Dutch Society of Plastic
surgeons. Dr. Loonen holds a Doctoral Degree in Plastic Surgery and has achieved his degree

with outstanding honors as the youngest Ph.D. candidate to have attained that distinction at his Alma Mater, the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands in collaboration with the University of Louisville, Kentucky.

His Ph.D. thesis concentrated on the qualitative and quantitative statistical analyses of plastic surgery research since 1946 and he developed an alternative for the Impact Factor calculation of journals.

Dr. Loonen held and co-organized a well-established clinical practice which provides medical and surgical services to a region of 500,000 citizens in the Netherlands. In multiple hospitals
cooperating with his medical establishment, he has pioneered and implemented novel surgical protocols along with establishing a wrist arthroscopy center as the youngest member of the company. He was involved in medical and financial management of the company during these years.

He is certified in minimally invasive facial aesthetics, lifting, and rejuvenation techniques. Dr. Loonen has experience in three-dimensional surgical simulation and planning. He is involved in the development of new cartilage regenerative surgical treatments in the hand and wrist.

Dr. Loonen organized and managed a successful plastic and reconstructive surgery department in Abu Dhabi as the medical director and plastic surgeon since 2016 and was involved in the development of a plastic surgery department in a private hospital in Dubai providing treatment protocols, key performance indicators, EHR implementation and training for nurse and secretary staff.

Dr. Loonen performed reconstructive operations for war patients and patients without access to healthcare facilities from Yemen and Libya for the Ministry of Presidential Affairs of the
United Arab Emirates.

Dr. Loonen was a plastic surgeon and medical director at King´s College Hospital London, UAE.

Dr. Loonen’s focus and interests include providing the highest quality and most up to date patient treatment and medical expertise within the medical departments under the responsibility of his medical directorship.

He was responsible for the clinical leadership of healthcare providers within 14 medical departments and he was the head of the surgery center in King’s College Hospital London Abu Dhabi. He developed a cost-revenue registration system for efficient cost-effectiveness analysis in surgical departments

As a medical director for Valiant Clinic and Hospital he is involved in the implementation of clinical and surgical protocols, medication, medical products, new medical services and the
implementation of an Electronic Health Record System.

He is responsible for physician and nurse staff training, staff interviews, staff schedule planning, organizing of clinic meetings, evaluation of incident and key performance indicators, department of health facility licensing, department of health audits, implementation of national and international healthcare protocols, clinical documentation and coding of medical services. He is the president of the medical committee.

Dr. Loonen is involved in business development which resulted in a research collaboration with New York University and a contract with an obesity center provider, contracts with community based doctors to treat their patients within the facility, the set-up of a hair transplant center and a collaboration with a major Abu Dhabi sports club for product-toproduct exchange. An international surgical conference will be organised in addition under his medical directorship.

A potential collaboration with the renowned Cincinnati Children’s hospital in the USA is under evaluation based on his contacts with international institutions and expert physicians as an editorial board member for 15 international scientific journals. The implementation of 3 new medical specialties within the facility is currently under his review. Dr. Loonen follows the Executive Healthcare Leadership Certificate Program of the prestigious Ivy League Cornell University in New York.

He believes that an open communication, team spirit and an inspiring work environment have a significant positive impact on the qualitative and quantitative output of his medical team and in healthcare in general. His extensive hospital setting knowledge based on his experience with multidisciplinary teams, operating theatre staff, emergency department staff and nurse staff assisted him in the management of surgical and non-surgical departments. Dr. Loonen has extensive experience with multiple EHR systems (Trakcare, Epic Insta, HMS)
and ICD-10, CPT and HCPCS coding systems.

Dr. Loonen has published in prestigious international journals including Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons) and the Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery and is an invited peer reviewer for the journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, British Journal of Medicine and MedicalResearch and the International Blood Research and Reviews.

His published work was cited nearly 400 times in the international scientific literature. In addition to his surgical research endeavors, he is an editorial board member of fifteen international journals including American Journal of Biomedical Science and Research, Journal of Advance Cancer Research, Cosmetology and Oro Facial Surgery, Journal of Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery and the International Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering.

Dr. Loonen is the research leader in the development of the low diving anti pressure sore mattress and for the hyperstimulator in negative wound pressure therapy in collaboration with
New York University, Abu Dhabi.

He has extensive experience in medical education in anatomy,clinical surgery and clinical practice for medical students, physiotherapists and nurse staff.

Extracurricularly, Dr. Loonen holds a Judo black belt and was an internationally acclaimed Judo competitor and medallist.

Areas of Experience

  • Medical Management
  • Clinical research
  • Medical Directorship
  • Medical Expertise
  • Medical education
  • Post-Bariatric Plastic Surgery
  • Hair Restauration Surgery
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Hand and Wrist Surgery
  • General Plastic Surgery
  • Reconstructive surgery

Medical Licences

Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD)
Dubai Health Authority (DHA)
Dubai Healthcare City Authority (DHCA)
Plastic Surgeon Licence Belgian Ministry of Health

Peer review and Editorial memberships

Peer reviewer for the journal of “Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery”, “International Blood
Research and Reviews”, “British Journal of Medicine and Medical Research”
Editorial board member of “American Journal of Biomedical Science and Research”
Editorial board member of “Journal of Clinical and Translational Dermatology”
Editorial board member of “Journal of Advance Cancer Research”
Editorial board member of “Surgeries”
Editorial board member of “Journal of Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery”
Editorial board member of “Cosmetology and Oro Facial Surgery”
Editorial board member of “Research in Clinical Dermatology”
Editorial board member of “Journal of Procedural Dermatology”
Editorial board member of “International Journal of Cutaneous Disorders & Medicine (IJCUM)”
Editorial board member of “Journal of Advanced Plastic Surgery Research”
Editorial board member of “CPQ Dentistry”
Editorial board member of “Clinical Surgery & Surgical Research”
Editorial board member of “ Journal of Clinical and Community Medicine”
Editorial board member of “International Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering”
Editorial board member of “Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Journal”

Evaluator hand and wrist surgery treatment protocols Hand and Wrist Center Netherlands


2012 :    Fellow of the Collegium Chirurgicum Plasticum (FCCP), Board Certification Plastic Surgery Belgium, June 2012
2007 :    Ph.D. degree in plastic and reconstructive surgery, February 15, 2007 Title: Bibliometric Trend Analyses of Plastic Surgery Research
2006 :    M.D. degree, University Medical Center Utrecht, September 13, 2006
2001 :    Propaedeutics degree in Medicine
2000 :    Propaedeutics degree in Pharmacy
1999 :    High school degree (Atheneum)

Career history

2020- present : General Manager at Valiant Clinic and Hospital Dubai
2019- present : Medical Director and Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Valiant Clinic and Hospital Dubai
2019- present : Consultant Plastic Surgeon and Head of Department, Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib hospital Dubai
2018- 2019 : Medical Director and Plastic Surgeon at King´s College Hospital London, UAE
2018- present : Healthcare Expert Consultant Gerson Lehrman Group, New York
2016-2018 : Medical director and Plastic Surgeon at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery,Abu Dhabi Branch; Plastic Surgeon at Royal NMC and Specialty hospital Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
2013-2016 : Staff member and medical manager at the department of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Hand Surgery at Maatschap Zeeland, Medical Wellness Centre (MWCZ) Goes, Hand and Wrist Center Zeeland (ZHPC) Goes, the Netherlands
2012-2013 : Academic Fellowships in Hand and Wrist surgery, the Netherlands
2012 : Fellow of the Collegium Chirurgicum Plasticum (FCCP), Board Certification, Belgium, June 2012
2008-2012 : Plastic surgery training in Belgium / the Netherlands (AZ St-Jan Brugge/AZ Groeninge Kortrijk/ CWZ Nijmegen)
2006-2008 : General surgery training at AZ Groeninge Kortrijk (Belgium)


  • Royal Belgian Society for Plastic Surgery
  • Emirates Medical Association
  • Emirates Plastic Surgery Society

Scientific Publications

Loonen MPJ, Tahir A
Dermal sling suspension of the superomedial pedicle in Wise-pattern breast reduction: new technique to prevent (pseudo)ptosis
World J Plast Surg. 2019 Sep;8(3):305-310

Loonen MPJ
Antibiotic Prophylaxis for Preventing Wound Infection in Burn Patients: is there any Consensus?
International Journal of Cutaneous Disorders & Medicine (2019), Volume 2, Issue 1, 1-3 \

Loonen MPJ
Guideline for antibiotic prophylaxis in burn patients Medico Research Chronicles, publication in August 2019 edition
Pubmed ; NLM ID: 101703779
ISSN: 2394-3971

Loonen MPJ
Double bipedicle flap for extensive upper extremity defects: A case report.
Research in Clinical Dermatology (2018) Volume 1, Issue 2, 5-7

Loonen MPJ
Outpatient Burn Treatment: A Conservative and Effective Personal Approach Cosmetology & Oro Facial Surgery (2018) Volume 4, Issue 1, 1-2

Loonen MP, De Frene B, Casaer B.
Thrombotic occlusion of a microvascular anastomosis in a resistance to activated protein C
(APC) patient with incomplete wound healing after high doses of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)
Modern Plastic Surgery Vol.2 No.3, 2012

F. Stockmans, M.P.J. Loonen, J. Vanhaecke, M. Dezillie, D. Oosterlinck
Treatment options for the symptomatic Madelung deformity In: Difficult problems and Complications at the forearm, FESSH 2012 Instructional Course
Book, ISBN-13: 9782840237792, SAURAMPS

Loonen MP, Depoorter M.
Cyanoacrylate and pressure sensitive adhesive mesh (Dermabond protape) for wound closure in plastic surgery.
Modern Plastic Surgery, Vol. 2 No. 2, 2012

Loonen MP, Nolens I, De Walsche W, Dubrulle F
Merkel cell carcinoma of the upper eyelid: Case-report and diagnostic and therapeutic algorithm.
Tijdschr. voor Geneeskunde, 68, nr. 13, 2012

Loonen MP
Negative wound pressure therapy: Therapeutic indications and applications Skin, March 2012, Vol.15, Nr 1
Weedaege H, Vanhaverbeke G, Van der Bauwhede J, Loonen M. Dossier wonden en
littekens. Skin, February 2012
Author of patient folders concerning hand and wrist pathology at Canisius Wilhelmina Hospital Nijmegen

Loonen MP
Alternative peer review system: Peer agreement system.
J Plast Reconstr Aesthet Surg. 2010 Apr 7.

Loonen MP, Kon M, Schuurman AH.
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Loonen MP, Kon M, Schuurman AH.
Two easy and simple modifications when using a distally based sural flap to reduce the risk of venous congestion: reply.
Plast Reconstr Surg. 2008 Aug;122(2):684.

Loonen MP, Hage JJ, Kon M.
Plastic Surgery Classics: characteristics of 50 top-cited articles in four Plastic Surgery Journals since 1946.
Plast Reconstr Surg. 2008 May;121(5):320e-327e.*

Loonen MP, Hage JJ, Kon M.
Value of citation numbers and impact factors for analysis of plastic surgery research.
Plast Reconstr Surg. 2007 Dec;120(7):2082-91; discussion 2092-4.*

Loonen MP, Kon M, Schuurman AH, Bleys RL.
Venous bypass drainage of the small saphenous vein in the neurovascular pedicle of the sural flap: anatomical study and clinical implications.
Plast Reconstr Surg. 2007 Dec;120(7):1898-905.

Loonen MP, Hage JJ, Kon M.
Publications of plastic surgery research 1972 through 2004: a longitudinal trend analysis of three international journals.
J Plast Reconstr Aesthet Surg. 2007;60(8):934-45. Epub 2006 Jun 12. *

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Loonen, MPJ, Hage JJ, Kon M.
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Plast Reconstr Surg 2006;118: 580-581. *

Loonen MP, Hage JJ, Kon M.
Who benefits from peer review? An analysis of the outcome of 100 requests for review by Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.
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Loonen MP, Schuurman AH.
Recurrent synovial chondromatosis of the wrist: case report and literature review.
Acta Orthop Belg. 2005 Apr;71(2):230-5. Review.

van der Steen LP, Hage JJ, Loonen MP, Kon M.
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Plast Reconstr Surg. 2004 Jul;114(1):113-20. *

Loonen MPJ, van der Steen LPE, Hage JJ, Kon M.
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Ned Tijdschr Geneeskd 2004;148(48):2418-20.

Loonen MPJ, Bos CK.
Giant xanthomas of the extremities: Long term consequences of untreated familial hypercholesterolaemia. Case-report and review of the literature. Submitted for publication

Loonen MP, Kon M, Hage JJ.
Scientific contribution of non-plastic surgeons to plastic surgery research:
Publication trend analysis of 3 plastic surgery journals.
In progress
* Ph.D. publications

Conference organizing committee

22nd World Dermatology and Aesthetic Congress, Abu Dhabi, 2020

3rd International Meeting on Cosmetology and Trichology, Miami, USA, 2020

A 360 degrees approach to Patient Management Conference, King’s College Hospital
London, Dubai, UAE, 2019

International Conference on Dermatology and Cosmetology, Kuala Lumpur, 2019

International conference and exhibition on dental science and oral health, Houston,USA, 2019

14th International Conference on Dermatology and Cosmetic Medicine, Rome, Itay, 2019

Scientific presentations

Multiple international presentations during meetings of national and international societies for Plastic, Reconstructive, Hand and Wrist surgery

Best presentation award Netherlands Society for Plastic Surgery

Title presentation: Venous bypass drainage of the small saphenous vein in the neurovascular
pedicle of the sural flap: anatomical study and clinical implications

Medical related activities

Medical doctor at Dutch, European, and World Judo / Taekwondo tournaments


Sport: Judo and rowing with medals on national and European level
Miscellaneous: aviation

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