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Vaser liposuction has become a go-to choice of cosmetic surgeons in Dubai, because it is potentially the most effective liposuction technique on the market. Vaser liposuction works using sound waves to “liquefy” fat. This process facilitates the removal of excess fat in areas  such as the belly, back, flanks, hips and arms. This procedure is a perfect option for those seeking a “sculpted” effect from their surgery.

Vaser liposuction will not remove all the excess fat in one area. However, it will remove a substantial amount of the flab and, with the expertise of a skilled surgeon, result into a more shapely figure. 

If you are considering getting Vaser lipo, you must want an idea of how your chosen liposuction area will look after the procedure. Keep reading for more information on what to expect from your laser vaser liposuction in Dubai.

How Much Fat Does Traditional Liposuction Remove? 

Generally, the amount of fat removed by your cosmetic surgeon during your liposuction procedure will depend on your physique. The higher the body fat percentage, the more fat you can expect your surgeon to remove. Typically, standard liposuction involves the removal of about 4 pounds of pure fat, which constitutes for most patients 40-60% of the excess fat in the chosen treated area. While other methods can usually lead to more fat suction, traditional liposuction is relatively more aggressive. Therefore,  experienced  surgeons in the UAE cannot safely remove more fat without using other techniques. 

Vaser Liposuction: How Much More Fat Will You Lose? 

Vaser liposuction is a fantastic option because it uses special technology to turn the fat into liquid before it is “sucked” out of the “problem” area. This makes the removal process much smoother, and allows for the surgeon to create a more sculpted look. The suction tool used in Vaser liposuction is much smaller than the one used in standard liposuction techniques. Vaser lipo in the UAE  involves tiny incisions that leave minimal scarring. However, it allows for the removal of greater volumes of fat than older procedures. 

When the fat in the “problem” area is submitted to sound waves, it practically slips off from the muscle and moves towards the skin opening. Plastic surgeons are thus able to remove about 5-5.5 pounds of fat from most operated patients. This accounts for 50-80% of excess fat removal is areas such as the belly and flanks. 

What Will Affect The Amount Of Fat You Will Lose

The results of the Vaser liposuction procedure will depend as much on the expertise of your cosmetic surgeon as it will your aftercare. Therefore, to maximise your vaser liposuction results, you will want to engage in dieting and exercise in the later stages of your healing. The full results of the procedure will only be visible after a minimum of 6 months. During that time, weakened muscles and the effects of the general anaesthesia can lead to weight gain which may jeopardise your results. For this reason, you will want to discuss dietary and exercise plans with your doctor before you engage in the procedure. 

A Concluding Note 

Vaser Liposuction will lead to much more effective results than standard liposuction techniques. Although, the extent of your results will depend on the efforts you put, after your surgery, into keeping the pounds off. You will need to exercise to strengthen your muscles to discourage excess flab accumulation. For more information on Vaser surgery and how to improve your results, click here for a consultation with the top cosmetic surgeons in the UAE.


February 28, 2021 dubailipovaser liposuction0

Are you considering getting a Vaser liposuction, but you aren’t sure about it?  All you want to do is to remove the excess, stubborn fat on the part of your body.  You want to look good and also feel good.  Here are few answers to help you in making up your mind.

What is Vaser Liposuction?

Vaser stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. It’s a cosmetic procedure used in changing the contours and shape of the body by removing excess fat.  It doesn’t remove the visceral fat wrapped around your body areas, which increases risks of diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases.

Usually, it uses specialized ultrasound technology and laser techniques to break down fat cells while sending out ultrasonic frequency waves. After the fat cells are broken down, the cosmetic surgeon can remove the excess fat through a suction process. This is the liposuction part of the procedure.

Am I the right candidate for Vaser Liposuction?

Both men and women can undertake the procedure. It’s suitable for those who want to lose inches around the abdomen, back, knees ,belly, hips, ankles , chin , back, buttocks or thighs. It’s also great for tightening your skin after a natural weight loss, or adding some definition to your body after weight loss.

Do I Need to Have a Healthy Lifestyle Before Vaser Liposuction?

However, before the surgery, you need to have a healthy lifestyle and you must be at your targeted weight.  Without maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you can’t get the desired results.

Does Vaser Liposuction Help with Weight Loss?

This procedure won’t help in losing weight or keeping it off. This is mainly used for body contouring. You need to continue with a healthy lifestyle and engage in regular exercises after the procedure.  You also need to be in good health before you go for the surgery.

Who Isn’t Suitable for Liposuction?

  • An unhealthy person as they pose a higher risk to vaser liposuction complications, compared to a healthy person. There is also a higher risk for complications if a person has a previous medical record of illnesses like seizures, immunodeficiency disorders, deep vein thrombosis (blood clots of the legs), or excessive bleeding.


  •  People taking medication that slows down the metabolism of lidocaine are at high risk of encountering complications.  Lidocaine is a local anesthetic used during this procedure.  However, you can stop taking the medication two weeks before the surgery.
  •  People who think it’s a solution for obesity. The patient will be disappointed if they expect the procedure to get rid of a large amount of fat effectively.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.
  • Patients with not so good skin elasticity. However, if you aren’t bothered with little wrinkles on your skin after the surgery, you can take the risk.

What Should I Do Before Undertaking Surgery?

You need to think carefully before going for the procedure. Talk to your friends and also family.  Do a little bit of research by yourself.  If your mind’s made up on the surgery, look for an experienced surgeon with credible credentials and book a consultation.

Here, you get to ask questions and advice concerning the procedure. It would be best if you also were prepared financially, as this surgery costs around $7000. Remember, your private health insurance or Medicare won’t cover this.  Additionally, there are extra costs like medication, massage, and recovery time off work.

On the day of your appointment, prepare yourself with questions and issues of concern. Talk to the surgeon about the particular place you want to take the Vaser liposuction and what you want to achieve in the long run.

Ask about the risks involved and how to look after yourself after undergoing surgery. You should also carry a list of medications and your medical history to check if you are a suitable candidate.  

What Happens During the Vaser Liposuction Procedure?

The procedure can be performed under conscious sedation or general anesthetics. Conscious sedation is safer in most cases. The surgeon uses a suction process to remove the fat, which means that the patient should expect some side effects after the procedure.

The procedure involves injecting a tumescent solution on the area being treated. The solution helps to numb fat and reduce the bleeding.

The length of your Vaser liposuction can vary from one to several hours, depending on the treatment’s extent. After the procedure, the patient is taken to a recovery room to allow the anesthetic or sedation effects to wear off.


What Normally Happens to the Body After the Vaser Liposuction Procedure?

For most patients, the skin would likely tighten after the procedure. You are likely to see results after a short duration of time, generally after six weeks.

However, you will see the best results 2 to 6  months after the procedure. The body needs ample time to heal. You should know that results differ from person to person.

You should expect moderate pain and discomfort that may require you 4 to 7 days off work. You also have to wear a compression garment for two weeks.  Lastly, The follow-up care consists of a systematic lymphatic drainage massage done within the first two weeks.

Which One Is Better? Vaser Liposuction or Traditional Liposuction Procedures?

Unlike traditional liposuction, Vaser liposuction has minimal damage to the surrounding tissues. It uses soundwaves and smaller incisions to liquefy fat before removing it from the body. When the fat is liquefied, it increases the procedure’s accuracy by making the fat easier to remove while minimizing the damage inflicted upon the surrounding tissues.

The fats cells in this procedure are specifically targeted, allowing the surgeon to provide the patient with a smoother result. The surgeon can highlight and define the targeted muscles, leaving the patient with a noticeable result.

Are There Risks of Vaser Liposuction?

The number one risk is unsatisfactory results from the procedure. You also need to remember you can’t get a great result if you don’t maintain a healthy lifestyle. A surgeon may sometimes fail to make the changes you want, especially if they are inexperienced or possess minimum qualifications.

There are also health risks involved, like an infection and severe swelling or bleeding after the surgery.Due to the fluid loss during the procedure, you can develop low blood pressure, a fluid up or friction burns. Also, there is risk of developing blood clots or fat clots.

You should ensure you discuss a full range of possible risks before undergoing this procedure.

How long after Vaser Lipo will I see results?

You will see results after 3 to 6 months of VASER Liposuction. you’ll start to see the results more clearly as your body settles into its modified form. Some people may take a couple of more months to see results

Does the VASER liposuction procedure eliminate cellulite?

Vaser Liposuction: This advanced treatment removes excess fat. It is gentler than traditional liposuction yet removes more fat. 

How much fat can Vaser Lipo remove?

Fat removal per procedure is limited to avoid complications and usually translates to no more than 3 litres of fat or 4% of your body weight.

How long are you swollen after Vaser Lipo?

Swelling usually starts to reduce after the first week but you should continue to wear compression garments until the 4th week four or as otherwise directed. Some swelling may last for as long as six weeks, but after a few days, you should be comfortable enough to return to work.

Does Vaser Lipo hurt?

The procedure is minimally-invasive and virtually painless. In terms of discomfort after, you’ll feel a little bit of muscle soreness for 24-48 hours, and much less swelling and bruising than alternative fat removal procedures.

How long do I have to wear a compression garment after Vaser Lipo?

4 to 6 weeks

After having VASER Liposuction, you should wear a compression garment for 4-6 weeks after VASER Liposuction


Can you have vaser liposuction in the same area twice?

It is possible to have Vaser liposuction in the same area twice. It is better to not get into that pattern, however. Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure. Regular exercise is good for your heart health, looking toned, and avoiding that “skinny fat” or skinny but flabby look.

Does VASER liposuction tighten skin?

Not only does it tighten skin but also stimulates the production of collagen in the treated skin that the improvements will continue in the following months post-surgery. 


How long will VASER Liposuction take? 

A VASER Liposuction treatment will take around 2 – 3 hours. Although, the durations of the surgery also depends on the size of the area being treated.


Will scars from VASER Liposuction go away?

Scars are not a common problem with modern liposuction which uses very small cannulas (microcannulas) and thus only very small incisions are required. Most liposuction scars fade and disappear with time.

How much weight can you lose with vaser liposuction?

People who have the best results with VASER liposuction, or any type of liposuction, are already within 15 pounds of their ideal weight.

February 27, 2021 dubailipotummy tuck0

Are you tired of that excess belly fat and skin that prevents you from achieving your goals of having a perfect body? Well, you are lucky because there is something you can do about it. Sometimes doing exercise regularly and going on a diet doesn’t get the job done. The only option is to undergo a surgery for your mid-section to have shape.

A tummy tuck surgical procedure is one of the best methods of getting rid of that protruding belly. Your abdominal area will be well-shaped, boosting your confidence significantly.

Tummy Tuck FAQs

What Is a Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck, also called abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure that reshapes the abdomen by removing excess fat and skin. It makes your abdominal area tighter and more toned. The procedure is not the same as liposuction. However, you may as well get liposuction along with tummy tuck.

How Is the Surgical Procedure Done?

A tummy tuck surgery is usually done in a hospital and can take 2 to 5 hours to complete. During the operation, you will be under general anesthesia to prevent you from feeling the pain. The plastic surgeon will remove excess fat and skin and then tighten your abdominal wall muscles. After the surgery, the abdominal incisions are usually covered using a surgical dressing.

Who Should Go for a Tummy Tuck?

There are many situations in which tummy tucks can help a patient. The cosmetic procedure is the best for people with the following problems:

  • You have lost weight through exercise and a controlled diet, but you still have a protruding abdomen that lacks tone.
  • The skin around your belly is sagging because of a pregnancy that stretched your abdomen’s muscles.
  • You have a good shape, but your abdominal fat and skin are always protruding.
  • The mid-section of your body becomes loose because of significant weight loss.
  • If you are becoming older and your abdominal skin is becoming loose.

Not everyone should go for a tummy tuck. There are those candidates who aren’t suitable for the surgery. The procedure may not suit you if you consider future pregnancy, suffering from a chronic condition, or a smoker.

What are Some of The Benefits of a Tummy Tuck?

The result of tummy tuck on your body is always excellent. Not only does the surgery have cosmetic benefits, but it will also improve your health significantly. These are some of the positive results that come with tummy tuck:

  •    Reduces Stress Urinary Incontinence

Stress urinary incontinence is common in women after pregnancy. The condition is associated with uncontrollable leakage of the bladder. It usually happens when you laugh, cough or sneeze. The experience is usually uncomfortable and can affect the lifestyle of the one suffering from it. Tummy tuck surgery can help to prevent the condition.

  •    Corrects Hernia

When your body organs keep pushing the muscles responsible for keeping them in place, you will likely suffer from Hernia. A tummy tuck procedure can help to prevent the pain and discomfort caused by ventral Hernia. It strengthens the abdominal muscles reducing the unnecessary stress on the stomach muscles.

  •  Improves Posture and Tone

When the abdominal muscles are tight, your core will be strengthened, giving you a better posture. The tight abdominal muscles also reduce the chances of getting lordosis or back pains. Plus, the surgical procedure will help in toning the skin around the belly.

  • Minimizes Chances of Getting Certain Medical Conditions

Patients who have undergone tummy tuck have an easy time when they exercise. The perfect midsection of your body will encourage you to exercise for its maintenance. Losing the skin and fat around your belly will reduce the risk for medical conditions such as diabetes and heart diseases.

Which Is the Best Type of Tummy Tuck?

The type of tummy tuck that you choose depends on what you want to achieve. Talking to your surgeon will significantly help you to go for the best procedure. The surgeon will examine your skin and tissue before picking the tummy tuck that suits your needs.

Mini Tummy Tuck

The mini tummy tuck is best if you want to eliminate the excess skin below your belly button. The surgery focuses on the lower belly, and less surgical procedure is involved. In this technique, your surgeon makes a single incision, removes the excess skin, and tightens the abdominal muscles.

 It gives you a slim lower abdomen that will make you comfortable in your outfits. This is the best procedure for women who have gained abdominal skin after pregnancy.

Full Tummy Tuck

The procedure focuses on your full abdomen and produces the best tummy tuck results. The cosmetic surgeon makes two incisions, one on the lower abdomen and the other around the navel. The surgeon will remove the upper and lower abdomen’s excess skin through these incisions and tighten your abdominal muscles to give you a more toned belly.

A full tummy tuck will give you a flatter abdomen, toned skin, and comfort in your outfit. The best candidates for this surgery are post-pregnancy women. It’s also suitable for those who have excess belly skin due to major weight loss, genetics, or aging.

Extended Tummy Tuck

Extended tummy tuck focuses on both the lower abdomen and the flanks. It is the best procedure for patients with a significant amount of belly skin due to major weight loss. It’s also best for women whose abdominal skin has stretched due to multiple pregnancies.

The surgeon makes a single long incision to remove the excess skin and tighten the abdominal muscles evenly. The resulting scar is usually large and can be challenging to cover. Even though the scar is large, you will have a smooth abdominal curve that’s well toned.

What Are the Risks of a Tummy Tuck?

It’s rare to have complications because of tummy tuck surgery. However, there are risks that a tummy tuck poses.  

  • It poses a risk of bleeding and infection.
  • Poor wound healing, 
  • fluid accumulation beneath the skin, 
  • scarring, 
  • tissue damage, and 
  • skin sensation changes. 

In order to avoid the complications that may arise you must see an experienced and reliable surgeon for tummy tuck.

Excess abdominal skin that doesn’t respond to exercise and diet can be eliminated using a tummy tuck. It will help you consult your plastic surgeon to find the best type of tummy tuck and the risks involved. The surgery will shape your abdomen leaving it more toned.

February 26, 2021 dubailipoLiposuction0

Is the protruding belly killing your confidence? The best part about liposuction is that it restores your morale as you get comfortable in your body, rocking anything you want. You get more energized and enthusiastic about life.

If you consider liposuction, you’ve probably had tons of questions on what the procedure looks like.  Are you confused about whether to take the surgery or not? More often, you want to look comfortable in your body. Here are few answers to help you in making a decision.

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery for body contouring. It uses the suction technique to tone your body by getting rid of extra fat from different areas, for example, chin, neck, arms, abdomen, buttocks, or thighs. It is also known as lipoplasty, liposculpture, lipo, lipectomy, and body contouring. It is a safe procedure that gives results within 1-3 months.

Which Body Areas are Suitable for Liposuction?

Liposuction surgery removes fat cells from various parts of the body, including the chin, neck, arms, abdomen, stomach, buttocks, or thighs.

Am I the right Candidate for Liposuction?

Best candidates for liposuction are adults: 

  • within 30% of their ideal weight for their height and age.
  • With firm and elastic skin, 
  • Have a good muscle tone. 
  • Are Healthy individuals 
  • Have no life-threatening illness 
  • Have no medical conditions that can impair healing
  • Are Non-smokers.

How Do I Prepare for Liposuction?

In preparing for liposuction surgery, you will be required to:

  • Get lab testing 
  • Get a medical evaluation
  • Take/adjust medications
  • Quit smoking
  • Avoid taking aspirin, 
  • Stop taking anti-inflammatory drugs 
  • Sop taking herbal supplements 

Before going for liposuction, you need to consult your surgeon. They will give you all the information that you need before the  operation. The surgeon must assess your health status before recommending a liposuction surgery. You will also need to discuss your safety. Follow the specific instructions several weeks prior to the surgery. 

If you are a smoker, you will need to quit smoking as it prolongs the recovery period and prevents fast healing of the wounds. It would be great if you also stopped taking any drugs that can increase bleeding during the procedure.

Why Liposuction?


  • It can treat areas of fat that are resistant to exercise and diet. 
  • It reduces the number of fat cells in isolated areas.
  • permanently remove fat cells from the body.
  • Get Results in 1 to 3 months.


Recovery After The Procedure

How long will I Take to Recover after liposuction?

2 – 3 weeks

People are different and therefore the recovery time may differ from person to person. Recovery also depends on the amount of fat removed from your body and the technique used during the liposuction surgery. It takes a minimum of around three weeks for one month to recover completely.

What Do I Expect During Recovery Time After Liposuction?

Contact your doctor if you notice an irregular heartbeat, chest pains, bleeding, or any severe pain. Most doctors stay with patients over the night to monitor their recovery progress. They will give you painkillers to ease the pain and reduce the swelling. Some will recommend a special garment to provide extra support to the wounded areas.

Will I Have a Scar After the Procedure?

Many people are worried about the scars during the procedure. However, any incision made during the process is less than a centimeter. It may appear red and raised initially, but after healing, one can notice them. To avoid the scars, you can use lightening creams and other procedures to clear the scars.

What Can You Not Do After Liposuction?

Do not do the following right after liposuction:

  • Avoid staying stationary, 
  • Do not take blood thinners, 
  • Do not engage in vigorous exercise, 
  • Do not spend a long time in the bath. 

Other important things to remember after surgery is to stay hydrated and wear a compression garment as often as possible.

Why Should I wear Compression After Liposuction?

Without compression helping your body reabsorb fluid, post-op swelling can linger much longer than necessary. The less swelling you have in the first place, the less time you’ll need to get rid of it. 

How Long Do I Wear a Compression Garment After Lipo?

You will need to wear a compression garment for up to six weeks after surgery to ensure that the tissues heal properly. The period for wearing compression is the same for liposuction around your midsection, inner thighs, and upper arms.


How Should I Sleep After Liposuction?

To minimize the swelling you should sleep with your head elevated for a couple of weeks after liposuction. The doctor or nurse will see you at your one week follow-up appointment and will tell you when is the best time to start sleeping on your stomach. For the first week, the doctor recommends sleeping on your back with your head elevated with two or three pillows to help to reduce swelling.

How Can I Hide Bruises After Lipo?

Cover makeup may be worn over the area at least 1 week after the surgery. Turtlenecks, scarves and wraps are very useful to help camouflage the bruising in the postoperative period.

When Should I Start Massaging After Lipo?

Usually, surgeons recommend the patients to start massaging the treated areas as soon as possible. It may take a week or more for patients to get rid of the swelling after the liposuction procedure.

How Many Massages do I Need After Liposuction?

Some patients get 1-6 treatments after liposuction, especially if the treated areas are legs, knees, or flanks. People getting liposuction often require up to 12 sessions.

Is Bleeding After liposuction Normal?

Fluid may drip from the cuts (incisions) for several days after lipo. The fluid contains blood at first, but will turn clear in a few days. The treated area will probably be bruised and swollen for at least 10 to 14 days. 

How Many Days After Lipo Can I Walk?

Within one to two days after surgery, all patients should be physically able to walk around inside the house and go for short walks around the neighborhood. Remaining in bed and not walking increases the risk for blood clots in the legs and lungs.

Can You Sit After Liposuction?

After liposuction you will have to avoid sitting for prolonged periods for at least 6 weeks, and try to sit up straight too. Soon after surgery you must move around, get up and walk around the house, it is important you don’t sit or lie down for long periods of time, but no strenuous activity.


Are Liposuction Results Long-lasting?

Liposuction results generally last as long as you maintain your weight. If you gain weight after liposuction, your fat distribution may alter. 

Fat cells come from the foods we eat, and therefore removing them does not mean that they will never come back. You need to check on your diet frequently. Include exercise in your routine to help tone out and cut extra fats. It would be best to have a diet plan, and exercise routine plan before embarking on this procedure. One may also add weight as a result of pregnancy or other external factors.

Does Fat Come Back After Lipo?

Once the fat is removed from an area, it does not grow back in the same area. The remaining fat cells can grow bigger with weight gain. 

How Much Fat Can Liposuction Remove?

You may remove up to 5 liters or 11 pounds of fat with liposuction. Removing more fat is generally not considered safe. Liposuction permanently removes the fat cells in the treated areas, but you can still develop fat in other areas of your body.

How Is Liposuction performed?

The surgeon will take you through general anesthesia. They will later mark the spots on your body for the incisions.  After every incision, the surgeon will insert a cannula through the incision. This cannula will then be attached to a vacuum that will pull all or most fat into the cannula to a collection jar.

 What Are the Techniques Used in Liposuction?

 There are several techniques used. Have a look at the two most popular

1.     Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction

Here, they use a special cannula. This cannula has an ultrasound generator attached to it. When inserted under the skin, ultrasonic waves are released, which liquefies the fat cells, making them easier to flow and remove.

This method is the best, as it allows for a more exact body shape and takes a shorter recovery period. There is also less bruising during this operation; therefore, minimizing blood loss.

2.     Tumescent liposuction

During this operation, the surgeon injects a solution in the fatty area before inserting the cannula. The injected solution contains local anesthesia, some solution, and a medication used to contract blood vessels.

The injection loosens the fatty cells and also reduces blood loss. It also reduces bruising and leaves the area with anesthesia.

Can you Have a Liposuction Accompanied by Another Cosmetic Procedure?

Liposuction in most cases, is accompanied by a tummy tuck and breast lift. Let your doctor give the best advice if you need multiple procedures.

How Long Is the Liposuction Procedure For?

Depending on the areas you are targeting, liposuction takes a maximum of four hours. Patients are always on an outpatient basis, but some may be required to have a one-night stay at the hospital for close supervision. 

What Do I Expect as A Result of Liposuction?

People have different body structures and genes, and so results vary. Full results will be revealed after one year as this duration gives the body time to smoothen out. Your surgeon will have to perform smaller touch-ups if you aren’t satisfied with the results.

Is the Process Costly?

The costs of doing or having liposuction vary from one person to another and from one body part to the other. A person who wants to treat one area will pay a lower cost than one who requires surgery on multiple parts of the body. Book a free consultation to get a quote suitable for your body type.

Can you Tighten Loose Skin After Liposuction?

While liposuction can do a lot to sculpt the body, one thing it cannot do is tighten the skin. This is an important aspect of body contouring because a person’s skin may look loose and saggy after the liposuction procedure. A Tummy-tuck can get rid of the loose skin after lipo.

What are the Complications That Come with Liposuction?

Some patients feel dizzy after surgery due to the anesthesia. Others go to the extent of swelling and developing blood clots under the skin. Some rare side effects are infections and embolism. In order to avoid any complications during or after the surgery, you must go to a reliable and experienced surgeon.

Book a free consultation to get answers to all your questions from Dubai’s number 1 Liposuction surgeon.

February 25, 2021 dubailipovaser liposuction0

With the recent surge in popularity of VASER Liposuction in Dubai, you may be considering undergoing the procedure yourself. However, before signing up to lay on the operating table, you must know all the risks involved in this treatment. Fortunately, VASER Liposuction has been approved as safe by the American Board Of Plastic Surgery. Therefore, the risks involved in this procedure are either mild or rarely occurring. 

Let’s take a more in-depth look.

What Is VASER Lipo? 

VASER Liposuction is a medical treatment that removes excess fat from an area of a patient’s body. VASER liposuction is different from traditional liposuction in that it uses a unique technology called Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance to “liquify” the fat prior to its removal. After this procedure, a small incision is made around the target area, and fat is pulled out using a suction device. The incision is then closed, and following mild treatment, the patient can expect to appear noticeably slimmer in one area. 

Why This Is The Popular Choice Of Celebrities 

If you’re wondering what makes VASER Liposuction in the UAE so special, you may have found out about its “trendiness” among local public personalities. This is because unlike traditional liposuction, VASER lipo facilitates the suction process by breaking down the cell structure of the fat to be removed. This ensures a more “precise” procedure, which in turn guarantees an array of other advantages. These benefits include: 

  • Less visible scarring 
  • More defined results 
  • Easier muscle sculpting 
  • Faster recovery period 
  • Organ protection 
  • Less scar tissue development

Due to all the advantages listed above, VASER liposuction is often considered the modern replacement of traditional liposuction. With a recovery period of about 4-6 weeks, VASER liposuction provides a fantastic option for those seeking fast results. 

Because VASER liposuction uses soundwaves to liquify the fat, the suction motion performed by your doctor need not be aggressive. Furthermore, more complex sculpting can be achieved by altering the structure of fat to be removed in advance. This means that “sculpting” – a trend among cosmetic surgeons in Dubai – can now offer patients more natural results. 

Do You Qualify For This Procedure?

As appealing as VASER liposuction sounds, it is a complicated procedure performed under full anaesthesia. Therefore, you must ensure you are a suitable, healthy candidate before considering this procedure. Should you struggle with any of the following requirements, consult your Surgeon.


For VASER liposuction to be an option, you must: 

  • Have attained your target weight and maintain and stable and healthy diet.
  • Be a non-smoker or willing to stop smoking a month before your surgery and for another month after the procedure. 
  • Be willing to engage in exercise to rebuild weakened muscles after the procedure. 
  • Be willing to use post-surgery skin treatments
  • Have a relatively durable/stable skin tone. 
  • Have submitted to a full health check before surgery. 

VASER is not the option for you if you: 

  • Suffer from cardiac arrhythmias or immunodeficiency diseases
  • Have had lung blood clots
  • Are under an aspirin-based treatment 
  • Are under medication which disturbs the metabolism of lidocaine
  • Have poor skin elasticity 
  • Fall under the “obese” weight range
  • Are pregnant or breast-feeding

Risks Of VASER Liposuction

If you do qualify for VASER liposuction, you may want to know the risks and expected side effects associated with this procedure. 

Most of the risks associated with this procedure are aesthetic-based. While the VASER technology involves a safer method than standard liposuction, this safety comes at a cost. VASER technology ensures only “surface” fat, which is safe for immediate removal, is liquified and sucked out by your doctor. This means that dramatic results cannot be achieved with this procedure. 

Furthermore, as with other types of liposuction, VASER can only be expected to provide satisfactory results if patients are willing to maintain a healthy lifestyle after the surgery. During the recovery period, patients will be advised to avoid exercise (all forms of exercise should be avoided for four weeks, while weight-based exercise should be avoided for six weeks). They will also be encouraged to rest to guarantee constant, healthy blood flow. This can lead to weight gain and muscle loss. For this reason, satisfactory results will only be observed if the patient is ready to emerge from their recovery period with healthy exercise and diet plans. 

Other risks of VASER liposuction do exist. However, they will depend on the expertise of your practitioner, your immune system, medical aftercare and even your post-surgery behaviour. These risks should be discussed with your doctor individually: 

  • Infection
  • Haemorrhage 
  • Swelling
  • Blood clots 

You can read some more pros and cons of vaser liposuction here.


So, How Do I Get Professional Surgeons and Where?

All surgery involves risks. Therefore, it is your responsibility to sign up for quality treatment from the very best Vaser Liposuction Surgeon in Dubai to avoid botched results. When it comes to plastic surgery, Smart doctors know safety is critical. But beyond knowing the risks, you will need to prevent unsatisfactory results by choosing a specialist with experience and expertise. Our team of skilled doctors is looking forward to providing you with your dream silhouette. Contact us today to book a consultation.  

Here are the 10 Must-ask Questions For Your Liposuction Consultation. 

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For many women, pregnancy is one of their best experiences in life. However, an overwhelming number of women develop insecurities about their bodies after having a baby. No matter how much exercise you engage in, or how healthy your diet is, it is possible that your body will never return to its pre-pregnancy shape. 

Major physical changes such as stretch marks, excess skin, and loosened muscles frequently occur as a result of repeated pregnancy. It isn’t uncommon, either, for first-time mothers to experience excess flab around their lower belly after the delivery. Therefore, it is no surprise that Tummy-tuck In Dubai is a popular procedure for young new mothers to return to pre-pregnancy shape.

3 Factors To Consider Prior To A Tummy Tuck Surgery

Prior to getting a Tummy Tuck in Dubai, you must consider the following 3 factors:


  • Whether You Are Breastfeeding 

Strong hormonal changes occur during and soon after milk production. If you are currently breastfeeding, your doctor will suggest that you soon stop, and wait a few months before re-scheduling your pregnancy. It takes the female body approximately 60 days to re-balance its hormone production after breastfeeding. For this reason, you will want to consult your doctor only after a full month from your last breastfeeding. 

  • Your Current Weight And Target Weight 

By the time you get onto the operating table, your weight should have stabilized at your usual or target weight. Your usual weight would be the post-pregnancy weight, whereas your target weight would be the one you wish to attain after losing a portion of the baby weight. Because the tummy-tuck pulls the skin, patients should be able to avoid weight gain after their surgery. Similarly, significant weight loss after surgery can alter the appearance of the results and leave the patient disappointed. Before you get your tummy tuck in the UAE, your doctor will want to assert that you are at no risk of major weight gain or weight loss within the first year of your surgery. 

  • Whether You Have Childcare Planned Out

While this may seem like a personal patient choice, activity straight after surgery can compromise the results and healing process. Cosmetic surgeons in Dubai  want to ensure you are at no risk of being disturbed or stressed during the first two weeks after your surgery. Mothers who will need to keep caring for their baby and/or children straight after surgery should consider rescheduling their tummy-tuck to a period where they can get assistance. 


Is it safe to have more babies after a Tummy-Tuck?

First off, it is crucial for mothers opting for a tummy-tuck to note that the procedure is only an option after the final pregnancy. The alteration of the skin’s elasticity and pull during the procedure makes pregnancy stretching unsafe. Therefore, this surgery should only be an option for mothers who are planning to have more babies.

When to have a Tummy Tuck after the delivery? 

Doctors generally advise that women wait 90 days+ after delivering their baby to have an abdominoplasty. This is because your body needs to have healed entirely, and regained a pre-delivery shape before you can have any form of invasive treatment. Not only does the wait guarantee lower risks of complications, but it also provides better overall results.

Patients must also remember that the amount of time their surgeon will suggest they wait will depend on their individual pregnancy and delivery story, and overall health. Therefore, new mothers will be required to submit themselves to an extensive full-check up prior to booking their surgery. 

Is it Safe to have a Tummy Tuck After a C section?

Yes, it is safe to have a tummy tuck after a c section. Women undergo a tummy tuck right after a C section. Dr Zulfiqar Tunio, a renowned surgeon for Liposuction, Tummy Tuck in Dubai talks about his experience, where he performed tummy tuck on his wife right after she had a C section. 

A Concluding Note

Getting your tummy tuck in Dubai is guaranteed to provide fantastic results if you choose from the best surgeons in Dubai For Tummy Tuck. When it comes to scheduling your surgery, you will want to trust in your doctor’s expertise. Tummy-tuck is a relatively invasive procedure; therefore, you should wonder as much about the “who” as you do the “when.” To book a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon in UAE specializing in tummy-tuck, click here

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Whether you’ve delivered children or experienced weight fluctuations, you may be dreading the next beach day or formal wear occasion. However, you need not feel insecure about exposing your belly any longer. By undergoing one popular surgical procedure, tummy tuck, you can rid of the extra excess skin and fat from your tummy.

Tummy tuck is a fantastic option for those seeking to turn flabby skin and excess fat into a picture-perfect midriff. However, this surgical option requires expertise and experience. Therefore getting a tummy tuck in Dubai is the best option only when it is done by an experienced surgeon in Dubai.

If this option sounds appealing to you, you may be wondering what the cost of a tummy tuck in Dubai is. 

Here is what will you have to spend? 

The Standard Cost of Tummy Tuck

Average Cost of Tummy Tuck In the USA

$12,000 – $25000

Tummy tuck was initially pioneered in the US. As you may expect, the US has some of the highest-paid medical practitioners in the world. On an average, a tummy tuck in the US will cost you about $12,000. This rate includes consultation fees and required post-OP care. However, some surgeons charge up to $25,000 for the procedure. Because each patient is different, the surgery may require varying levels of effort and expertise from the doctor depending on skin excess, fat presence and body shape. Therefore, a consultation may be necessary to establish an accurate quote. 

Specialized doctors and clinics in the US will often have exclusive tummy tuck deals involving one standard price for all patients. However, this mass service is likely to lead to uniform treatments, with results being the same for everybody. According to the American Board Of Plastic Surgery, personalized service is a vital trait of a reliable plastic surgeon. Therefore, it may be best to expect mildly varying costs from your Dubai cosmetic surgeon based on your individual case. 

Average Cost of Tummy Tuck In the South America

$3500 – $3,000


The tummy tuck procedure is also incredibly popular in South America. In Brazil, a tummy tuck will cost on average, $3,000. However, this figure rarely involves proper aftercare, which must be handled by the patient. Furthermore, Brazil cosmetic surgery is notorious for involving modest facilities and equipment. The Dominican Republic, which has seen a surge of cosmetic-surgery related tourism, offers tummy tucks for an average cost of $2,500.

Average Cost of Tummy Tuck In Europe


In Europe, tummy tuck cost greatly varies depending on the country. In Western European countries such as Germany, France, and England, tummy tucks will generally cost over £5000. In Eastern Europe, the rates are known to be relatively lower. However, with the spread of non-certified surgeon practice, it is difficult to know the exact prices before your consultation. 

Average Cost of Tummy Tuck In Dubai

AED 30,000

The good news is, Dubai has the best of both worlds: affordability and quality. Though you can be certain to find expert services in The UAE, you are likely to pay a very competitive rate for them in Dubai. On average, a tummy tuck will cost about $8000 in Dubai. This cost will vary depending on your chosen doctor. However, you should know that while much lower rates are available, it is not always advisable to opt for the cheaper option. “Botched” plastic surgery is a great source of patient insecurity and post-op dissatisfaction. Therefore, it may be best to be willing to invest in quality services. 

Over to You

Tummy tuck costs in the UAE are relatively competitive, in comparison to the Western market. The treatments employed, however, are at the pinnacle of aesthetic enhancement excellence. If you are looking to revamp your physique into a silhouette you can now be proud of, our selection of expert cosmetic surgeons in Dubai is made for you. Book a consultation today to become the most confident version of yourself.

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Tummy tuck procedures are done in a hospital or an outpatient surgical facility as you just walk home right after it. You will be placed under general anesthesia or given some medicine to keep you asleep during the surgery process. Whichever type of tummy tuck in Dubai you sign up for, the incisions will have to be stitched up and bandaged. 

There are small tubes which might be placed along the incision lines — these help in draining excess fluid emanating from the incision site. Cosmetic surgeons in Dubai always advise their patients to start walking as soon as the surgery is done. This is done to ensure that there are no blood clots.

After getting a tummy tuck, you will most likely experience some moderate pain, which can be minimized by the use of painkillers and other medications. The surgeon can also prescribe some blood-thinning drugs which you will have to use for some time, after the tummy tuck. If you get some swelling around the surgical area, do not be worried, as it is purely normal. 

tummy tuck surgery in Dubai

For several days after the surgery, the drains will still have to remain on. Your doctor or a member of your health team will take you through all that you need to know on how to empty and take care of them. You might also be required to take antibiotics for as long as the drains are still there. 

An abdominal binder or a supportive abdominal garment as it is commonly referred to will have to be worn for at least six weeks after the tummy tuck surgery. These garments help in the prevention of fluid buildup while providing abdominal support as you heal.

The Recovery Process

Once you have undergone the tummy tuck surgery in Dubai, you will have to undergo some regrouping at home. Some of the best cosmetic surgeons in the UAE would advise their patients to take at least two weeks off from work. One should not take part in any strenuous activities for the first two weeks as this would only slow the recovery speed. 

Post-surgery care


  • Get enough rest after the surgery
  • Try to walk each day after the tummy tuck procedure. This boosts blood flow and prevents blood clots
  • Avoid strenuous activities such as going to the gym for at least 6 to 8 weeks
  • Consult with your doctor on when you can drive again
  • You will be able to get back to work after two to three weeks, depending on the type of work you do
  • Do not engage in any sexual activities before getting a green light from your doctor


  • You can continue with your standard, healthy diet
  • Take a lot of fluids (not unless advised otherwise by the doctor)
  • Take foods which can help you avoid constipation

Tummy Tuck Recovery: Timeline and Tips - Best Liposuction in Dubai

Incision care

  • If you have a tape on, do not remove it until it falls off, or as directed by your doctor
  • Do not use hydrogen peroxide or alcohol when cleaning – which you must do regularly 
  • The gauze area should be clean and dry at all times
  • You will have one or two drain tubes which will prevent the buildup of fluid or blood under your skin. Your doctors will show you how to handle them

Bonus tips

  • Whenever you are about to sneeze, cough, or take a deep breath, it is recommended that you hold a pillow to your tummy. Giving your belly this support lowers down the amount of pain you can feel.
  • You should conduct breathing exercises at home as directed by your surgeon
  • Strictly take the medicine as instructed.

Get a Tummy Tuck Surgery in Dubai  from the Professionals

With so many clinics and individuals claiming to offer the best treatment, it is advisable to do your due diligence and conduct your research thoroughly. Lucky for you, you will not have to do much, get in touch with our professional cosmetic surgeons in Dubai for tummy tuck surgery. You will be assured of quality services, achieving desired results, and the most affordable tummy tuck cost in Dubai.



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Nine out of ten people wished they could maintain a better, well-contoured body (Save for the one who doesn’t know what they really want). Sit-ups and crunches might not always give you the proverbial six-pack abs which you so much desire. Should this happen to you, do not get discouraged. The problem is not you, nor is it the way you are exercising. The biggest culprit in such cases is the excess skin and stubborn fatty tissues in your body. If that is the issue, you should turn your focus on getting a tummy tuck in Dubai. or liposuction in Dubai


These procedures can help you achieve a shapelier contour, but they are more often confused with a Gastric Bypass. A Gastric Bypass is a procedure used to help patients lose weight. This process is done by making the stomach appear smaller. A tummy tuck and liposuction procedure, on the other hand, concern themselves with getting rid of excessive skin and fatty deposits after a weight loss program. 

Both tummy tucks and liposuction will help you achieve a well-contoured body. However, they each serve a different purpose.

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that is used to remove the extra skin and fat. It also works to tighten the muscles in the abdomen, enabling you to achieve a flatter stomach. There are different types of tummy tucks in Dubai, which, according to one’s needs, can be provided.


A svelte contour is part of the package you stand to benefit from when you get liposuction in dubai procedure. The key difference between this and tummy tucks is that it is strictly for the elimination of fats. The stubborn fat which will not budge, regardless of the exercising you take part in is removed through this process.

How Much Weight Should You Lose?

Whether you go for a full or mini tummy tuck, you will have to first lose some weight. In fact,  cosmetic surgeons in Dubai would advise that you wait at least six months after losing a significant amount of weight before opting to undergo treatment. 

Doing so will help maintain a stable baseline level for optimum results to be achieved. While many people might not be aware of this, the amount of weight you lose before getting a tummy tuck is directly proportional to the results you will receive.

liposuction in Dubai

It is now clear that a tummy tuck or liposuction in dubai is not a weight-loss treatment. It only works to eliminate excess skin and fat. Without the extra skin to work with, then you should not expect to see any significant results.

A post-bariatric patient can lose more weight as they typically have more skin on them. Such patients stand to lose at least 10 pounds following a tummy tuck procedure. Those who go for a tummy tuck after pregnancy or due to aging will also stand to lose more weight.

While deciding on how much weight you should lose, your BMI should come in handy. Your age, height, and body frame have a significant impact on how much weight you ought to lose before getting a tummy tuck or liposuction in Dubai

Patients who undergo a full tummy tuck will have increased chances of getting more skin eliminated. Supplementary liposuction is often advised to be done after a tummy tuck to further sculpt and contour your body. You might expect to lose some weight afterward, but how your clothes fit in after that should be more evident. 

The procedures might not result in immediate loss of weight but will make future weight loss methods more effective. This is attributed to the mobility you stand to get with excess skin gone.

Your Weight after a Tummy Tuck or Liposuction in Dubai

Liposuction in dubai permanently eliminates fat cells from the treated area. The cells that were removed during the procedure will not come back. However, if the patient adds a significant amount of weight, even after the procedure, new fat cells may develop in other parts of the body. If the body weight is maintained or drops, the fat will not come back to the body. liposuction in Dubai

Ideally, fat cells will not accumulate in the treated areas. This means that should you gain weight after the procedure, the results of the surgery will still be visible in the treated areas. The fat will, however, become accumulated in other parts of the body with the treated areas accumulating less to no fat at all. 

Maintaining Your Tummy Tuck Results

Taking care of your body after a tummy tuck or liposuction is a vital aspect. You might expect a slight weight gain after the surgery due to the swelling and presence of excess fluids. This should all return to normalcy after four to six weeks.

Compression garments that should be worn at all times after the surgery will be provided to you by the surgeon. Failure to use them can result in infections and longer recovery times. With a little maintenance, you can enjoy the lasting results of a tummy tuck procedure

Here are a few simple steps which you can follow for you to enjoy the results for many years to come;

  • Maintain a consistent weight

You must watch your weight and avoid large fluctuations – both up and down. Following a strict diet can help you achieve this. Weight gain is very easy when you start overeating. Your calorie intake should be optimal.

  • Exercise regularly

Regular exercises will not only boost your results but will also help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

  • Avoid future pregnancies

Having a pregnancy in the future is very safe after a tummy tuck surgery. However, it might reverse the results of the procedure. You should get a tummy tuck only when you do not plan on getting pregnant again.

Get Your Flat Tummy Back

Getting your flat tummy back is now easier. Get in touch with our highly-experienced tummy tuck surgeons in Dubai and get the best services at the best rates in town.

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If you are struggling with excess fat around your abdomen, sagging belly, or weak abdominal walls you can go for a tummy tuck. A tummy tuck procedure is a cosmetic surgery that helps in the improvement of the abdominal shape.  It also helps your abdomen to be flatter firmer. If you have issues with stubborn fat deposits, consider getting a tummy tuck surgery in dubai.

This procedure has gotten safer than ever before, thanks to the advancements in medical technology. Some of the best cosmetic surgeons in Dubai have undergone extensive training such that no one can go wrong for them. The healing time has now been shortened, scars becoming minimalistic, and not forgetting fewer reported complications.  

However, there are still some risks associated with the procedure, which might make it unsafe for certain individuals.

tummy tuck procedure

The Risks Associated with the tummy tuck procedure

Abdominoplasty, also known as tummy tucks, comes with some risks. The majority of these risks come as are as a result of engaging inexperienced cosmetic surgeons and poor (often undisclosed) health conditions of the patient.

Furthermore, not everybody is an ideal candidate for a tummy tuck procedure. Your doctor can caution you on tummy tuck if;

  • You are a smoker
  • You are planning to lose some weight
  • You have an abdominal surgery scar
  • You are overweight

Surgeons in Dubai advise people to be keen on the complications that come with abdominoplasty. As a patient, consulting your surgeon on this can help you a lot.

Some of the risks which can come as a result of abdominoplasty include;


Because a tummy tuck is done by repositioning the abdominal tissues, your abdominal muscles are affected.  If this happens, numbness or changes in the skin sensation are the results. The changes in skin sensation can take some months to diminish.

Hematoma or Seroma

With a tummy tuck, you can have an accumulation of blood or fluid under the skin. You can spend more resources as the doctors think of draining the fluids or blood by the use of a needle or syringe. 


If you are about to undergo any surgical procedure, you are always at a risk of infection. You will be advised to take some antibiotics which gets you another burden of paying more. The cosmetic surgeon can opt to prescribe you some antibiotics before the tummy tuck procedure to prevent any infection.


After tummy tuck surgery, you are sure of a permanent scar. The incision scar is usually on the bikini line. And because people vary in terms of anatomy, the visibility of the scar will depend on the individual.

Reaction to Anesthesia.

People react differently to anesthesia. It is essential to know that a tummy procedure cannot be successful without full anesthesia. It is of benefit to consider an accredited surgery facility with a professional anesthesiologist. You also have to be evaluated so that they can make sure that you are fit for the surgery. 

Besides, many people have a fear of not waking up. Others can experience some muscle pains, itching, sore throat, damage of teeth due to the anesthesia. If you are in good health and you are a non-smoker, it is hard to react to anesthesia.

Poor wound healing

Some patients experience delayed wound healing after a tummy tuck. The incision line can even separate if not checked well. This can also lead to infection, which you must take some antibiotics. A patient should take at least four weeks to recover after a tummy tuck procedure. 

Tissue loss

After a tummy tucks surgery, there must be good blood flow to the healing tissues. Lack of blood floor can cause a condition known as minor necrosis. With necrosis, you need to undergo some non-surgical treatments or dressing.

Damage of the underlying structures

If a patient opts for a full tummy tuck, there is a possibility of damaging the underlying tissue. Surgeons usually tighten the muscles of the stomach, which affects the tissues of the abdomen.

Blood clots

After any surgery, including tummy tuck, you can develop blood clots. Blood clotting is usually a severe complication that can even lead to death. Aging people, those under any birth control pills, and smokers are at a high risk of developing blood clots. 

tummy tuck procedure

Allergic reaction

Always make sure that your surgeon examines you thoroughly. Your surgeon must make sure that your medical history is clear. This is done to ensure that there is no reaction to any medication or surgical materials during a tummy tuck. Many people are usually allergic to antibiotics, latex, and other materials.


Sometimes one can bleed to death. You need to be sure of the kind of surgeon you are dealing with in terms of skills. The surgeon must be careful during the tummy tuck procedure to avoid all these kinds of risks. Always look for accredited tummy tuck surgeons in Dubai before settling on them.

Scaring results from tummy tuck procedure

Sometimes you can get unsatisfactory results that can lead to another surgery. Surgical revision is the worst thing ever because you are going to experience every challenge with tummy tuck once again. For you to avoid this, consider a highly-experienced surgeon who has been in the market for many years. With an experienced surgeon, you are sure of a successful tummy tuck surgery. People who have undergone abdominoplasty in Dubai have testified to have the best surgical experience.

Over to You

Ultimately, it is good to know that, if you are healthy, you do not have to worry during tummy tuck surgery. For you to be on the safe side, consider a professional cosmetic surgeon in Dubai. A tummy tuck is a bit expensive, which requires you to have your budget in check. 

Having a financial plan will help you in choosing an excellent surgical clinic with qualified staff. However, you should not break the bank when trying to pick what’s best for you. Get in touch with the most affordable tummy tuck surgeons in the UAE today.

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